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This programme has been designed to help you to lose weight in the fastest, most effective and healthiest way possible. The programme has been written using a combination of tried and tested methods which clients have seen great success with. In addition to incorporating the most recent scientific research into the training philosophy. The focus of this programme is not only to lose the weight but do it in a healthy and sustainable manor so that the fitness becomes a lifestyle and the weight doesn’t just go back on in a few months time. My aim with this programme is to help you lose the weight and equip you with the tools and confidence to continue training after the 10 weeks and keep progressing in your fitness journey. This programme is specifically tailored to your needs and ability and includes an ab training guide, day by day training schedule with progressions and explanations, exercise guide with training cues and form guide as well as a progress tracker. All of this for the equivalent of £7 per week! This programme also comes with 24/7 suppport from myself!

Weight Loss Programme 6 Days per Week

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