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This Programme is completely customised to help you to maximise your performance in your chosen sport! Whether you are looking to focus on Running, Swimming, Weight lifting, Surfing, Tennis, Golf, Football, Rugby or any other sport you can benefit from doing some supplementary training, depending on the sport this could be plyometric and power based to help give you that explosive burst that you need or it could be more muscular endurance focused if you need to keep going for long periods of time such as in a marathon. Equally as importantly it could be prevenative exercises to help strenghten the key muscles to help reduce the risk of injuries! When you purchase this programme you will recieve a questionnaire which will ask you a series of questions including; what you want to achieve, in what time frame, whether you have any injuries and what you currently do. This will allow me to make a completely personalised programme to help you get the most out of this 10 week block of training and achieve your goals!

Sport Specific Programme 3 Days per Week

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