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The home Workout plans are completely customised to not only your goals but to your current fitness levels, training experience, past or existing injuries and most importantly from a home training point of view - what equipment you actually have available to you! Lots of home training plans include pieces of equipment which many people don't have, that is why when you purchase this Training plan you will receive a questionnaire with one of the questions being what equipment do you have avaialble to you? If the anwser is none that is absolutely fine and I will create a bodyweight centred training programme for you where we will utlise tools such as holds, negatives and unilateral movements to maximise our training using only your own body! If you do have equipment then I will incorporate this. Each programme includes an ab training guide, 10 weeks of training with exercise descriptions, progressions and training cues. We will also track your progress to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals!

Home Workout Programme 6 Days per Week

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