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When you purchase this diet plan you will recieve a 7 day Food Log to fill out along with a questionnaire. Using this information I will create a diet plan which will help you to achieve the goals you want while still eating the foods you enjoy! The Gold Diet Plan Package is the most complete of the diet plan packages, it includes breakdowns of all of the macronutrients to ensure that you are consuming Protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre in the correct proporitions. The Gold Package also breaks down some of the key micronturients to help ensure that you are consuming enough of each micronutrient which will help you to stay healthier and reduce your risk of becoming ill! Additionally, with the Gold Package you can chose any of the complete diet guides (Meat eater, Vegetarian or Vegan) and I will send this to you completely Free of Charge! Just specifiy in your emial which Complete Diet Guide you want!

Diet Plan - Gold Package

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