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Lifestyle Consultations

If you know you want to make a change but you're not quite sure where to start then a lifestyle consultation is perfect for you! We will discuss any areas you want to focus on as well as your current, fitness, diet, sleep, stress levels, routine, current day to day life and a wide range of other lifestyle factors which could be stopping you from achieving the life that you want!

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  • Diet - we will look at your diet, not only what you eat but when you eat, how much, whether you eat while on the go and moving about or whether you eat seated. We will look as deeply as we need to into both the nature and quality of your diet and eating habits.

  • Exercise - We will look at your current exercise routine, past exercise routines (to see what does and doesn't work for you) your preferred styles of exercise and how we can fit these into your lifestyle. We can also discuss forms of exercise which we think will help you improve your quality of life.

  • Sleep - Sleep is often the forgotten pillar of a healthy lifestyle, we will look at your sleeping habits, sleep schedule and propose ways to improve and optimise this.

  • Stress/ social relations - I'm not going to promise the impossible and say that I can make every inch of your stress disappear, but I will use the experience I have gained through working with clients alongside the knowledge I have gained from qualifications in Life Coaching, Time Management and Stress Management. I will help you devise approaches to deal with stress and ways that we can utilise other areas of the health equation such as diet and exercise which can help reduce stress levels.

  • Injuries - Most of us at one point or another have picked up an injury or niggle, this is one of the unfortunate and inconvenient facts of life. How we manage and deal with it, is the part we can control. A lot of injuries can be managed and worked round, we will be able to discuss possible exercise alternatives to allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle even when recovering from certain injuries!


I am not a Doctor and as such will never recommend for or against any medications, I may suggest specific dietary supplements but these are intended as nutritional aids and should never be used to replace food or medication. Additionally Lifestyle consultations take place over phone so it would be impossible for me to accurately diagnose an injury, I may suggest some exercises or variations but I won't have been able to do a face to face analysis so if you are concerned or unsure on the nature of the injury a Doctor or Physiotherapist should be consulted.

30 Minute Consultation


If you feel that most of the areas listed above are not a problem for you then 30 Minute Consultation will be for you, we can check all areas are okay but we will mainly focus on the key areas where you feel you need help!

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45 Minute Consultation


If you feel that there are quite a few areas where you will need help and/or you are unsure where to start then a 45 Minute Consultation will be for you, this will give us slightly more time to cover each of the areas and help us devise a plan of action to help you transform your life!

10% Off Training programmes and Diet plans

60 Minute Consultation


If you feel that you want to completely readjust your lifestyle and/or you feel there are multiple areas which we will need to discuss and devise a plan of action for then the 60 minute Consultation will be for you, this will give us plenty of time to discuss previous attempts to life changes, habits, triggers, barriers and devise the best plan of action which will most suit you!

15% Off Training Programmes and Diet plans!

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