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I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Sports Masseur and Soft Tissue Therapist. I am also qualified in Life Coaching, Time and Stress Management, Reflexology and Aromatherapy which I utilise to help supplement and improve the services which I can offer to my clients!

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Me & Fitness

I have always loved all forms of sport and fitness, when I was younger I played football and competed in Track and Cross Country at County level. 

When I was at University I fell in love with weight training and my admiration for it has just continued to grow. 

My personal fitness aim is to be 'Fit' in the broadest sense of the word, to me this means being able to lift heavy weights but still being able to run a marathon, swim great distances, go on long bike rides or do handstands, splits or other gymnastics movements!

I have always found it fascinating how much our bodies are capable of and I truly believe that we usually only scratch the surface of what we are capable of!

Beyond Fitness

Every single one of us would be 'in shape' if we had a personal chef, home gym and 5 hours a day to workout- unfortunately this inconvenient little chap named life can often get in the way! 

This is why I truly believe the best training regimes and diets are built with life put first, accounting for  work, travel and quality time with family while still enjoying food and experiences with no 'guilt' or worry!

Life is for enjoying and that's my aim for you. I want to help you get fitter and healthier without stopping you from living and enjoying your life!

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